Personalised Bunting plus add on’s £3.00 per letter

Polka dot bunting in colour of your choice. Each letter measures 5” high. Backed withe the same pattern and colour as the front and lightly padded.

Add on’s, these are placed at the either end of the name, ie elephant, star, moon etc 4” high. The bunting is strung on bakers twin which is two tone to compliment the bunting.

Made to order please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.


Add on’s:

From top row right to left:

Cloud, Moon, Star, Bunny, Cupcake Anchor,                                                                                                  Butterfly, Bow, Elephant, Heart, Ballet Shoes,                                                                                                    Dog, Cat, Boy Owl, Girl Owl

Apart from the dog and cat the add on’s will be stitched out in colours that match the named bunting. If you want a cat or dog in the same bunting colours please indicate in the comments box.

Collage Fotor Add ons

All orders will be clarified by email for your acceptance prior to being made.

Name and colours

Add On's

Add On's
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